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The Blobcat Confluence - A MotoPets! flash game
Miaow! Miaow! It is Motokitty, talking politely and with grace! She say, "Motokitty playful in wholesome and motorized fashion!" Ha ha! What elegant speak, Motokitty! Miaow to you as well! Motokitty meant for girl child!
MotoPuppy perfect for young child infected with tantrums! Actively leap about, barking with wags the tails! MotoPuppy comes with special "brokenhouse" feature! Dog of house invaded future time attack! Please make him happy to you with beeps and clicks!
MotoGuinea is least popular Motopet! No one buy him! We have 10,000 MotoGuinea in warehouse just waiting for home! No one want him! Super alfalfa of battery for attachment to stomach! Buy today and he cry the emerald tears of gladness!
Splish splosh! Who transcends blue ocean to visit you? MotoSquid! A delicious pet! In box supplied two timely extra arms for the case of the super-deluxe-enthusiastic offspring! Make his acquaintance today! By ordering him! Swim of heart saltwater frenzy!