Combine excitement of remote-control car with pleasant aroma and friendliness of stuffed ANIMAL, MotoPetnology represent hour hard work. It moves with controller the radio, the super small-sized CPU on-board advanced toy.

With stereophony in Motopet also consume the house in peaceful the sound of car and animal, being "Miaowrrrrrrrrr" the effective example! MotoSquid, though, he silent like forest in winter.

With you can control Motopet with ease anyone! Loads the industry beginning and frozen function!

    Motopet each feature following features:
  1. Full controlled with radio.
  2. Recoil, Left, Right, Progress
  3. Noise (Motosquid silent, except for happy splashings)
  4. Detachable / retractable wheel and carriage
  5. Love
  6. Furry outer coating
  7. Aroma
  8. 4 3.57v batteries
  9. 1 Year, 100 mile warranty
  10. Designates the name as the collar of the tag.